Welcome to Triangle Real Estate Photography!  Are you planning to sell a home or other type of property in Tavares, FL?  Gaining a competitive advantage over other listed properties in your area is easy to do when you offer visual perfection to display a home or piece of real-estate, in all its glory! 

At Triangle Real Estate Photography, we offer specialized drone photography and videography that allows homes to sell faster due to the breath-taking brilliance this type of remarkable technology provides.  This incredible marketing platform means home-sellers, buyers and agents, maximally, benefit – everyone wins! 

Drone Photography is Beyond Exciting

It is an established fact that almost every property buyer begins his or her search via a mobile phone, computer or tablet device.  Online real estate listings generate the most leads, and virtual home tours help to stimulate home sells 32% faster, on average!

Drone photography and videography adds an exciting dimension to the real-estate arena by providing breath-taking visuals for buyers and investors – dramatic and sweeping shots of landscapes and interior spaces allow shoppers to see a home, up-close and personal.  Prospective buyers can capture the nuances and personalities of multiple homes in a very short amount of time – all, in the comfort of their own homes!

Our Drone Photography Services

At Triangle Real Estate Photography, we offer a variety of photography and videography options to best meet the needs of our clients:

HDR Photos

HDR photography, or High Dynamic Range imaging, is a technique that produces astonishing results.  It creates dynamic images that, immediately, grab attention.  The HDR process involves multiple photos of a single object taken at different exposure levels.  With HDR photography, marketed homes and properties are displayed in their best light – quite literally! 

Aerial Imaging

Aerial photography and videography enhances a buyer’s perspective of a home by displaying adjacent properties, neighborhoods, and amenities.  Whether there is a lake, a shopping area, entertainment venues, hike & bike trails or other niceties close by, buyers get a bird’s-eye view and can put a home’s location in a more-appreciated and proper perspective.

3-D Walkthroughs

3-D walkthroughs could be considered a ‘permanent open house’ since buyers can virtually tour properties on their own time to suit their busy schedules.  Here, viewers enjoy the convenience of virtual tours as quickly, or as slowly, as they desire.

Viewers can tilt, rotate, pan, enlarge or minimize the view of any space of any home at any time, within seconds.  Observing rooms at a distance or up close, for as long as one wishes, is at the discretion of the viewer.  Buyers can get an immediate feel or vibe of any room – especially, if each room is virtually staged.

Virtual Staging

When home interiors are beautifully furnished, home buyers are more likely to view a property for a longer period of time.  As a drone photographer, part of what I do is position universally-appealing furniture pieces, décor items, and final-touch accessories in empty spaces, digitally. 

Voile – ‘Empty’ becomes ‘Embellished’ in no time, at all!  Highly-realistic images are created, and virtual staging is 90% more cost-effective than physical staging!  Buyers can get a true sense of what it would feel like to live in a home when furnishings breathe life into each space.

Video Tours

Narrated video tours of homes are nothing short of remarkable.  They take prospective buyers on a guided viewing through a property and, seamlessly, highlight a home’s details and features the agents or sellers desire to emphasize.  A home’s layout, flow, space and amenities are, beautifully, displayed.  From cozy bungalows to rambling mansions, video tours sell homes faster! 

Need a Drone Photographer?  Contact Our Team!

In real-estate, time is money – and so is having an advantage over your competition!  If you are selling property in Tavares, FL or beyond, you can connect with our team, in various ways:

Be sure to ask us about our 1) 24-hour delivery 2) Blue Sky Guarantee 3) 360-degree panoramas and 4) virtual decluttering!  There’s never been a better time to ‘WOW’, than NOW!